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About TweetMeme.NET

.NET class library for accessing the TweetMeme API. TweetMeme is a service for finding out how many times a certain URL has been linked on Twitter (number of retweets) and other interesting facts available through TweetMeme. The library is built using C#.

This is an unofficial .NET API for TweetMeme. It is not affiliated with TweetMeme or the good people at

However, they have kindly mentioned it here

TweetMeme.NET is developed as a hobby project by Ted Nyberg

Current status

TweetMeme.NET currently offers support for:
  • Retrieving the number of retweets for a specific URL
  • Support for URL-specific tweets in the last 7 days (tweets linking to the specified URL)
  • Retrieving URL-specific comments
  • Retrieving the comments firehose (recent comments on TweetMeme)

Blog posts

Introduction to the project

TweetMeme.NET code samples

TweetMeme documentation

The most recent version of TweetMeme.NET is based on the documentation provided here:


My name is Ted Nyberg, I'm an MCPD-certified web developer who blogs at

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